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Books On The Run Print


Home-bound residents of the three library sub-districts are eligible for our Books on the Run delivery service. The service is a cooperative program of Jefferson County Library and Developmental Services of Jefferson County, Inc. Participants may borrow books, magazines, audios and videos. Books and magazines in large print are also available.

How to Join

  1. Contact the Library Branch in your area. An informational brochure will be sent to you, along with a blank "wish list". If you do not have a library card, an application card will be sent for that as well.

  2. Complete the "wish list" and return it to the Library. This list will help the staff choose materials to be delivered. You may select materials by author, title, subject or format. Feedback throughout delivery service is important. You should inform the staff if you especially liked or disliked any materials.

  3. A member of the Jefferson County Library staff will contact you to confirm your wish list selections as well as your address and driving directions. You will also be advised of the next delivery date.

  4. A bag of books and materials will arrive on the next scheduled delivery date. You will also receive a delivery schedule.

  5. After the first delivery, each time a new bag of materials arrives you should return the previous bag. You will be notified if delivery dates are to be changed due to bad weather or holidays. If you will not be home on a delivery date, please contact us in advance.