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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wolff Dr (boy) death Dec 25, 1913 1f Jefferson County Record
Wolff J. Scott (girl) birth Mar 20, 1919 1b Jefferson County Record
Wolfner Walter H. S. marriage May 29, 1924 3b Jefferson Democrat Lucile Isabel Krieger
Wolfner Walter H. marriage May 29, 1924 1d Jefferson County Record Lucile Isabel Krieger
Wolford Lulu & James divorce Oct 4, 1923 2b Jefferson Democrat
Wolford Lulu & James divorce Mar 6, 1924 2b Jefferson Democrat
Wolfram Ferdinand L. marriage Apr 13, 1933 3b, 4f Jefferson Democrat Audrey M. Lealvert; McMullin; Curtis; Moore; Calvert
Wolfskill W. B. death Apr 7, 1932 4c Jefferson Democrat Amanda H. Cooke; Abernathy
Wolgast Gerard W. marriage Feb 25, 1892 3b Jefferson Democrat Louisa C. Hess
Wolgast William H. marriage Oct 16, 1919 3a Jefferson Democrat Katherine Oetjen
Wolgast Edwin other Sep 15, 1921 1d Jefferson Democrat
Wolgast Mary death Feb 15, 1917 4b Jefferson County Record
Wolgast Maria Iorotha Louisa death Feb 22, 1917 1e Jefferson County Record Isaphelt; Kreinheder; Meyer
Wolhbold Henry marriage Sep 7, 1905 2c, 3b Jefferson Democrat Eunice Harness
Wolhbold Henry marriage Sep 14, 1905 3f Jefferson Democrat Elsie Harness
Wolk Harry J. marriage Oct 5, 1911 3e Jefferson Democrat Lizzie Mundy
Wolk Albert marriage Aug 26, 1920 3b Jefferson Democrat Helen Faust
Wolk Frank (girl) birth Nov 2, 1933 2b Jefferson Democrat
Wolk C. J. marriage Oct 5, 1911 1f Jefferson County Record Lizzie Mundy
Wolk Albert marriage Aug 26, 1920 1a Jefferson County Record Helen Fast