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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Wilkerson W. R. marriage Jan 3, 1924 4f Jefferson County Record Lillian Ruth Robertson
Wilkes Leo J. marriage Nov 28, 1935 8d Jefferson Democrat Ernestine Barbara Stehlin
Wilkey Wm. marriage Oct 18, 1934 3c Jefferson Democrat Marie Kyle
Wilkey Marie & Billie divorce May 23, 1935 1g, 8g Jefferson Democrat Mamie Kyle
Wilkie Hattie Farmer death Sep 15, 1921 8a Jefferson County Record Miller
Wilkins George marriage Oct 9, 1871 2a Jefferson Democrat Ogle; McKean; Wilson
Wilkins George other Apr 26, 1872 3b Jefferson Democrat Harrison; Stelbrink; Stone; Alford
Wilkins Missouri Ann & George divorce Jul 28, 1876 2f Jefferson Democrat
Wilkins Carl F. marriage Jun 22, 1933 1a, 3a Jefferson Democrat Fae Loving; McMullin
Wilkins James A. marriage Nov 15, 1934 3a Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Agnes Tusher; McMullin
wilkins James A. marriage Nov 22, 1934 3g Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Agnes R. Tusher
Wilkinson Abigail probate Jul 26, 1878 2f Jefferson Democrat Stephens
Wilkinson Henry other Feb 6, 1880 2b Jefferson Democrat Warner
Wilkinson Abigail probate Jun 10, 1881 2c Jefferson Democrat Williams
Wilkinson Abigail probate Apr 7, 1882 2d Jefferson Democrat Williams
Wilkinson Joseph J. marriage Jun 3, 1885 3b Jefferson Democrat Ida Ulmer
Wilkinson Chas. death Apr 27, 1887 3e Jefferson Democrat Terry; Thomure
Wilkinson Ruth death Mar 27, 1889 2b Jefferson Democrat
Wilkinson Joseph F. marriage Oct 3, 1895 2b Jefferson Democrat Julia E. Ogle
Wilkinson Benjamin B. marriage Jun 17, 1897 3f Jefferson Democrat Purnetta E. Baker