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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Westereck Louis marriage Dec 10, 1896 3e Jefferson Democrat Mrs. A. Steiner
Westerman Bernard marriage Nov 9, 1905 3b Jefferson Democrat Anna F. Weidner
Westerman E. A. marriage Sep 23, 1915 3c Jefferson Democrat Josephine Stoehr
Westermann Chas A. marriage Aug 26, 1937 8f Jefferson Democrat Dora Ganer
Westermann E. A. marriage Sep 30, 1915 1a Jefferson County Record Josephine Stoehr
Westermeyer Andrew marriage Aug 10, 1916 2f, 3a Jefferson Democrat Ella Lerch; Hilkeman
Westerock Louis (boy & girl) birth & death Sep 9, 1885 3b Jefferson Democrat
Westerreck Louis (girl) birth Feb 15, 1888 3c Jefferson Democrat
Westfall J.F. death Mar 13, 1902 2b Jefferson Democrat
Westhause John marriage Aug 11, 1904 3b Jefferson Democrat Katie Glatt
Westland Fred T. marriage Jun 30, 1898 2c Jefferson Democrat Lucy A. Wyatt
Westman Russell A. marriage Aug 6, 1931 1a, 3e Jefferson Democrat Mary L. Janeker; Juncker; Duggin
Westmeyer George J. marriage Sep 2, 1937 5c Jefferson Democrat Irene Kiepe
Westmeyer Andrew marriage Aug 3, 1916 8c Jefferson County Record Ella Lerchs
Westover Peter marriage Aug 15, 1879 3d Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Martha Ransom; McCormack
Westover Charles marriage Sep 22, 1882 2a Jefferson Democrat Bessie Parker
Westover Hy. death Oct 13, 1882 3a Jefferson Democrat
Westover Charles marriage Aug 29, 1883 3d Jefferson Democrat Betsie Parker
Westover Bettie death Sep 23, 1885 3e Jefferson Democrat
Westover Charles marriage Mar 7, 1888 3b Jefferson Democrat Mahala Long