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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Welsh Harry F. marriage Apr 25, 1929 2b Jefferson Democrat Mary L. Hughey
Welsh Norval WIlliam marriage Feb 17, 1938 1d Jefferson Democrat Flora Eleanor Wakefield
Welsh England (girl) birth Oct 26, 1911 1f Jefferson County Record
Welsh Annie S. death Feb 2, 1922 5c Jefferson County Record Drake
Welshbon Mr. death Oct 27, 1932 1f Jefferson Democrat
Welsher Frank (girl) birth Jun 6, 1907 2c Jefferson Democrat
Welty John Edward death Apr 13, 1873 3b Jefferson Democrat
Welzer Hermann other Sep 19, 1888 3b Jefferson Democrat Martin
Wempel Henry death Mar 31, 1882 3c Jefferson Democrat Knapp; Seibert
Wendel J.W. marriage Dec 27, 1906 3c Jefferson Democrat Mabel Sheer
Wenderoth J. Justus marriage Jun 5, 1919 1b Jefferson County Record Mato Steveton
Wenderots J. Justus marriage Jun 12, 1919 3d Jefferson Democrat Mate Stevenson
Wendo Fred G. marriage May 29, 1930 2b Jefferson Democrat Elizabeth A. Stanton
Wendt Rev. Paul marriage Oct 10, 1895 2b Jefferson Democrat Carlotta Blisse
Wendt Gerdardt death Sep 2, 1937 5d Jefferson Democrat
Wenger O. C. marriage Jan 21, 1915 2b, 3b Jefferson Democrat Elsie Isenmann
Wenger Dr. O. E. other Mar 13, 1919 2b Jefferson Democrat Elijah Burgess; W. E. Kidd
Wenger Dr. O. marriage Jan 21, 1915 1c, 8d Jefferson County Record Elise Isenmann
Wenger Dr. marriage Feb 18, 1915 5c Jefferson County Record Pollack; Reilly
Wenner Alex marriage Aug 22, 1912 1c Jefferson County Record Emma Landman