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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Waller Howard Raymond marriage Jun 27, 1935 1f Jefferson Democrat Adah Ruth Elser
Waller John death Dec 26, 1912 1a Jefferson County Record
Waller W. M marriage Apr 17, 1913 4d Jefferson County Record Verna Salsbury
Waller J. K. marriage Dec 25, 1913 1b Jefferson County Record Maidie McKee
Waller James R. marriage Jun 29, 1916 8c Jefferson County Record Ruth Langley
Waller Maddie M. & Jos. K. divorce May 29, 1924 6c Jefferson County Record
Wallermann August E. marriage Sep 24, 1903 3f Jefferson Democrat Minnie C. hacke
Wallis George (child) death Dec 29, 1876 2b Jefferson Democrat
Wallis Albert marriage Aug 15, 1907 3b, d Jefferson Democrat Gertrude Libby; Hensley
Wallis Leland McK. marriage May 4, 1922 3b Jefferson Democrat Mabel A. Claus; Miller
Wallis Leland McK. marriage May 11, 1922 3h Jefferson Democrat Mabel A. Claus
Wallizon Henry marriage Oct 17, 1935 6c Jefferson Democrat Margerette Peyla; McMullin; Henk; Phelan
Wallman Richard George marriage Aug 24, 1922 2b Jefferson Democrat Lavada Delberta Allen
Walls Mrs. death Dec 29, 1892 3f Jefferson Democrat
Walls John marriage Jan 12, 1893 2c Jefferson Democrat Townsend
Walls John (girl) birth Aug 24, 1893 3f Jefferson Democrat
Walls John (girl) birth Sep 21, 1893 3f Jefferson Democrat
Walls Thomas marriage Oct 3, 1895 3c Jefferson Democrat Ida Luther
Walls Frank marriage Jun 25, 1896 2d, 3e Jefferson Democrat Emma E. Nuesky
Walls Emma & Frank divorce Jan 21, 1904 2b Jefferson Democrat