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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Watkins Dr. L.S. death Sep 26, 1883 3d Jefferson Democrat Dunsford
Watkins Sophronia V. death Mar 28, 1907 2d Jefferson Democrat
Watkins Owen C. marriage Jan 6, 1921 3h Jefferson Democrat Hulda Stone
Watkins Howard O. (Bud) marriage Oct 19, 1933 1d Jefferson Democrat Gladys Golterman;; Conway
Watkins Marilyn Joyce birth May 30, 1935 1b Jefferson Democrat
Watkins Carl E. marriage Aug 18, 1938 1f Jefferson Democrat Lorena Williams
Watkins Don marriage Apr 20, 1939 4a Jefferson Democrat Elvera Gruber
Watkins Barbara Ann birth Nov 14, 1940 5d Jefferson Democrat
Watkins Oren C. marriage Dec 30, 1920 1c Jefferson County Record Hulda Stone
Watlie William F. marriage Apr 25, 1918 3e Jefferson Democrat Elsi Fiobeck
Watson Mrs. C.S. other Apr 16, 1880 3c Jefferson Democrat
Watson Sarah F. death May 19, 1882 3b Jefferson Democrat
Watson W.G. marriage Mar 18, 1885 3b Jefferson Democrat Florence E. Dunlop
Watson Collier death Jul 29, 1885 3b (2) Jefferson Democrat King
Watson Nancy & David divorce Sep 12, 1912 2b Jefferson Democrat
Watson Cade marriage Sep 17, 1925 3c Jefferson Democrat Bernice Beaquette
Watson Alvina & Robert divorce Sep 26, 1935 5b Jefferson Democrat
Watson William marriage Jun 1, 1939 6e Jefferson Democrat Marian Exler
Watson Alva marriage Aug 29, 1940 2e Jefferson Democrat Lucy Fellows
Watson Nancy & David divorce Feb 6, 1913 4d Jefferson County Record