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Last Name First Name Subject Paper Date Page Column Paper Name Keywords
Aikins T.D. marriage Oct 11, 1894 2b Jefferson Democrat A.M. Baurichter
Airmans G. H. marriage Mar 17, 1932 1d, 3a Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Nettie Mead; McMullin; Williams; Goldman
Aitch Carter G. marriage Jun 16, 1932 1b, 3b Jefferson Democrat Willmon M. Wallace; McMullin
Aitken Charles marriage May 11, 1911 3b, d Jefferson Democrat Annie Blake; Stone
Aitken Charles marriage May 11, 1911 1d Jefferson County Record Annie Blake
Aitken Martha P. & Charles other Sep 14, 1911 1e Jefferson County Record
Ake Wm. & Betsey divorce Jan 23, 1874 3c Jefferson Democrat
Ake Wm. marriage Feb 20, 1874 3a Jefferson Democrat Williams
Ake Nettie death Sep 26, 1883 2b Jefferson Democrat
Ake Janes S. death Jan 13, 1898 3b Jefferson Democrat
Ake Mrs. Eli P. death Sep 12, 1940 1c Jefferson Democrat Kane
Aken Thomas D. & Isabelle A. divorce Jan 23, 1889 3c Jefferson Democrat
Aken Agnes M. & Thos. D. divorce Sep 7, 1899 2c Jefferson Democrat
Akers Edward Calvin marriage Jan 9, 1919 3c Jefferson Democrat Belle Prevett
Akers George W. & Jessie divorce Sep 20, 1934 4g Jefferson Democrat
Akes Wm. (daughter) other Jul 9, 1875 3a Jefferson Democrat Vinyard
Akes child death Mar 26, 1884 3b Jefferson Democrat Spence
Akin Joel Hensley marriage May 29, 1924 3b Jefferson Democrat Mrs. Ina P. Chapman
Akins Thomas D. marriage Apr 3, 1889 3b Jefferson Democrat Lucy J. Alderson
Akins F.D. marriage Dec 8, 1892 3e Jefferson Democrat Ida Travis