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Proctoring Guidelines and Procedures Print

May 2010

The Jefferson County Library is happy to support learning and distance education by providing a limited exam proctoring service. The following guidelines articulate the responsibilities of the student and the testing institution as well as the parameters of the service provided by the Library.   


The Library will proctor exams for students on a one-to-one basis.   We are unable to offer proctoring services for groups of students.

The testing institution must be aware that Library patrons are our first responsibility and library staff will monitor the testing student to the best of our ability while assisting our patrons. The Library will do its best to ensure an honest testing of the student’s knowledge of the material.

Students who do not reside within the boundaries of the Jefferson County Library District and who do not have a JCL library card will be charged a fee of $20 per exam proctored.  This fee must be paid prior to the exam being given.

The student is responsible for making all arrangements to have all exam materials sent to the library location, for calling to confirm the arrival of the materials, and for scheduling an appointment to take the exam with the Information Desk staff at the library. To avoid last minute difficulties students  are advised to make arrangements at least one (1) week in advance. At the time the arrangements are made, the student supplies a name, address, telephone number, name of testing institution, email and expected date and time for exam. 

Printed exams must be sent directly to the Library location marked ATTN: EXAM PROCTOR.  The library staff that handles the examination will be the person(s) assigned to the Information Desk at the time the student takes the examination. All the Library Information Desk staff are authorized to administer testing.

The Library is a dynamic environment. Events are often scheduled within the building that may not be conducive with exam taking.  We will work with the student to find the best physical environment and time to schedule the testing.

The Library can provide fax services at our regular rate of $1.00 per page of incoming and $2.00 for the first $1.00 per subsequent page of outgoing fax transmission to be paid at the time by the student. If US Postal service, Fedex, or UPS services are required, those costs must be paid by the student. Special shipping envelopes or U.S. Postal Service postage-paid envelopes must be provided by the student if those materials are required by the teaching institution.

Printing services are at the rate of $.20 per printed page. This rate applies to computer laser printing as well as photocopies.

The Library is not responsible for unforeseen events such as network or equipment failure, lost or delayed mail, proctor absence or illness, or library closure.  The student must obey all the library rules of conduct when taking the exam.

If the student is late, cancels the appointment, or fails to show up for the exam, it is up to the student to reschedule.  Examinations not completed by the student within 30 days of receipt by the Library will not be retained unless the student has made prior arrangements.

All deadlines, including mailing time, are the responsibility of the student, who should take into account delays in mailing, scheduling a time with the proctor, or days on which the library is closed.


The Library normally charges $2.00 per hour of computer time to all non-card holders. If the student has a valid JCL Library card and is in good standing, there will be no charge for computer time.

The Library computers are limited in number and are in high demand. During times of high demand the automated scheduling software controlling the computers may restrict any given user to one hour. 

It may be necessary for the student to test the library’s computers in advance of the exam date, to determine that the library’s network firewall does not block the exam site.  It is recommended that online exams be scheduled well in advance of the deadline due to unforeseen downtime.

The Library IT department does not allow the installation of any special software that may be needed to complete the examination on a Library computer. It is the student's (not the Library’s) responsibility to ensure that the library's computing resources are adequate for their test taking requirements.