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Interlibrary Loan Policy Print
ADOPTED: October 21, 2002
REVISED: March 28, 2006

The Jefferson County Library District provides interlibrary library loan that enables libraries to supplement their collections by borrowing materials from and lending materials to other libraries. Interlibrary loan will not be used as a substitute for adequate collection development based on the normal needs of JCL’s service area.

JCL will abide by the National Interlibrary Loan Code (most recent version) and the Missouri Interlibrary Loan Guidelines, 1992.


1. JCL will consider purchase of requested items published within the last six months.

2. Requests for specific articles not readily available in any format at JCL will be considered. JCL will adhere to copyright guidelines such as CONTU in requesting photocopies from copyrighted materials.

3. Genealogies and genealogical books may be requested on interlibrary loan if circulating copies are available from a lending library. Photocopies of specific pages from non-circulating books and microfilm not available at JCL may be requested.

4. Requests for textbooks will be made when the information is only available in a textbook format.

5. Juvenile and young adult materials will be considered under the same policies as adult items.

6. Restrictions and limitations

a. Interlibrary loans will only be accepted from JCL cardholders in good standing.

b. Interlibrary loan due dates and restrictions vary and are determined by the lending library.

c. Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library.

d. JCL may assess fines on overdue interlibrary loan materials that differ from ordinary District fines.

e. When repeated requests are made for a specific item, JCL will consider it for purchase based on its collection development policy.

f. JCL may set limits on the number of requests per patron at one time in the Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.

g. Patrons will be responsible for any charges assessed by JCL or the lending library, vendor, or agency for interlibrary loan.

h. Interlibrary loan privileges may be suspended for reasons listed in Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.

i. Students of local educational institutions must exhaust the resources of their respective institutions, not the public library, to serve their needs for interlibrary loan.

j. Specific titles must be requested; JCL will not submit subject requests.

k. Requests for multiple copies of a title will not be accepted.


1. JCL will lend materials to other libraries under the same conditions and terms as borrowed, with the following exceptions:

a. JCL will not lend books that have been in the JCL system for less than six months, genealogy materials, reference items, periodicals, deposit items, or microforms.

b. Photocopies of periodical articles will be made available whenever possible. JCL will adhere to copyright guidelines such as CONTU (National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyright Works) in the provision of photocopies from copyrighted materials.

c. At the discretion of JCL, individual items may not be loaned.

d. Charges for photocopying, replacement, overdues, and other situations may be established in Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.

e. Loan periods and renewals will be established in the Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.

f. JCL shall reciprocate interlibrary loan fees and services as deemed appropriate and advantageous to JCL’s patrons in accordance with the Interlibrary Loan Policy. Agreements may include, but shall not be limited to, charges for photocopies, postage, and overdue fines. District staff shall review agreements on an annual basis and make adjustments necessary and /or warranted to alleviate or correct service problems encountered during their administration.

2. Interlibrary loan requests will be accepted from other libraries on OCLC, ALA forms or by fax.