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Public Telefacsimile (FAX) Service Guidelines

ADOPTED: June 21, 2005

JCL provides public FAX service at its branch libraries for the convenience of our patrons. Fees are as follows:

To Send: $2 for the first page and $1 per page for each additional page for all local numbers, long distance and 800 numbers within the continental U.S. and $5 for the first page and $2 for each additional page for all International numbers. The fee must be paid before a FAX is sent. A confirmation sheet will be provided to confirm that the FAX was received by the number indicated.

To Receive: $1 per page for each page regardless of where the FAX originates (local, long distance/800 or International). The fee must be paid when the FAX is picked up. The FAX sender is responsible for notifying the FAX addressee that the FAX has been sent to the library location for pick up. The library will hold the FAX for five working days. If the FAX is not picked up in that time, the FAX will be shredded. The person picking up the FAX must have a valid JCL library card or photo ID to prove he/she is the addressee before the FAX will be released.