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Volunteer Recognition

Pepper & Nutmeg

Volunteer Recognition Print

Jefferson County Library
Volunteer Recognition Policy
Adopted 19 December 1991
Revised 13 August 2001

Policy NO. PUB 91-8

The Policy of Jefferson County Library is to recognize volunteer service to the district.


Normally, to be eligible for recognition, monthly library time sheets for volunteers shall be completed by the volunteer. Volunteer records shall be filed with the finance manager with the monthly reports.

The library may elect to recognize volunteers twice each year: April (National Library Week) and October. Branch managers should request list of volunteer hours from the finance manager one month prior to the recognition ceremony.

Upon completion of:

100 Hours
1. Certificate of Appreciation

200 Hours
1. Certificate of Appreciation
2. Bookplate placed in book chosen by volunteer from recently acquired titles. Inscription to read: IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF ____ VOLUNTEER SERVICE HOURS TO JEFFERSON COUNTY LIBRARY
(Branch Name)
(Volunteer Name)

300 Hours
1. Certificate of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release

400 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release
(Branch Name)
(Volunteer Name)

500 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release
4. Individual Plaque
5. Inclusion in Plaque in Library (honoring over 500 hours of volunteer service).

600 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release

700 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release

800 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release

900 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release
4. Individual Plaque

1000 Hours
1. Letter of Appreciation
2. Bookplate
3. News Release
4. Individual Plaque
5. Inclusion on plaque in Library (honoring over 1000 hours of volunteer service)

The Branch Managers are responsible for creating all Certificates of Appreciation, Letters of Appreciation and press releases. The Branch Managers are also responsible for ordering name plaques. All bookplates should be created and placed in the books at the branch level.