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Community Bulletin Board Policy Print
ADOPTED:     July 15, 1991
REVISED August 22, 2006
REVISED September 18, 2012

The Jefferson County Library provides a limited amount of bulletin board and display area free of charge for announcements and notices of local community activities and events, and government, nonprofit and local business services of educational, cultural, commercial or community interest.

The community bulletin board(s) will be clearly designated, and will be separate from bulletin boards for Library use.  A disclaimer will be posted, stating that by posting materials, the Library does not endorse, promote, nor agree with the viewpoints of any group or individual.

Bulletin board postings may not promote the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products, nor contain any information or subject matter which violates city, state, or federal statutes.

Any question related to whether specific items are in compliance with this policy shall be referred to the Director for decision by the Director or the Director’s delegate.  The group, organization, or individual has twenty (20) days in which to file a written appeal of the Director’s decision. Such appeal will be added to the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees. The group, organization or individual shall be notified of the meeting and may address the Board during the time set aside for public comments at the beginning of the meeting.