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Lost Materials Payment and Refunds


1. Payment for lost materials may be accepted at any branch regardless of the owning branch of the lost material, but the owning branch needs to be notified of the materials in question (printout of record from the computer). 


2. A patron who has paid for lost JCL material may receive a refund under the following circumstances: 


The lost material is returned in good condition. 


The patron has a receipt showing payment for the lost material. 


It has been no longer than 3 months since the patron paid for the lost material.


It has been more than 10 business days since the patron paid by check for the lost material. 


The lost material is not a deposit item.


3. A full refund minus the $5.00 handling fee will be made when the above conditions are met. 


4. Refunds are to be made at any branch for lost JCL materials regardless of the owning branch of the material.


5. If a refund is for more than $25.00, the refund will be made by Central Services.  The following will be provided to Central Services before a check will be cut:


A copy of the original receipt showing payment for lost material


A completed form requesting a refund  (This form will be provided by Central Services)



Approved by Maxwell  8/12/99

Prepared by Duree


Revision approved by Klipsch 2/2/09