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Library Facilities and Services

Pepper & Nutmeg

Library Facilities and Services Print



Jefferson County Library offers many services and facilities to the community. From public access   computers, to meeting rooms, to exhibits to voter registration.


Meeting Room

Each library branch has a meeting room for public use. The room may be used by organizations of a civic, cultural or educational nature, but not for social gatherings, fund raising or commercial solicitations or sales.

In addition, groups and organizations are encouraged to use the meeting rooms for artistic displays.

How to Reserve:

Meeting rooms may be reserved in person, or by calling the Library. Those wishing to use the meeting room must read the meeting room policy and complete an application form prior to use. Use of the rooms shall be on a first come, first served basis.

Applications for permission to use the meeting rooms shall be made at least one week in advance, and no longer than one year prior to the scheduled meeting.

Generally, no group may use the meeting rooms more than once a month.

Library Policy for use of meeting rooms.

Meeting room application form.
- Review policy before filling out the application form to ensure eligibility.

Accommodations: The following equipment may be available for use within each meeting room:

  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • Projection screen
  • Podium
  • Television
  • VCR

Size of Room/Capacity:

The Meeting Room at the Arnold Branch accommodates 50 people. The Meeting Room and Community Room at the Northwest Branch accommodate 50 people each.  The Windsor Branch Meeting Room accommodates 40 people.


Organizations may provide light refreshments which do not involve cooking. A cleanup cost reimbursement charge of $15 per use will be charged for use of a community meeting room whenever light refreshments are served.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

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Fax Services

Jefferson County Library offers fax services to the public for the following fees:

To Send faxes:

$2 for the first page and $1 per page for each additional page for all local numbers, long distance and 800 numbers within the continental U.S.

$5 for the first page and $2 for each additional page for all International numbers outside the continental US.

To Receive:

$1 per page for each page regardless of where the FAX originates (local, long distance/800 or International).

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Public Access Computers

Computer Rules and Guidelines

  • A registration form must be signed before using the computers.  Parents must also sign permission to use the computers for children under the age of 18 years old. Children must be at least 6 years old to use a computer.
  • Parents are responsible for what children access on the computers. If you are under 11 years old, a related adult must be present while you are using the computer.
  • Non-residents must pay for a non-resident card ($15/quarter; $60/year) or pay a per use fee of $2 per hour to use the public access computers.
  •  Valid identification (library card, computer user card, driver's license, etc.) must be presented to use the computers.
  • Computers may be used for one hour at a time with a six hour daily limit.
  • Pages can be printed for 20¢ a page for black and white.  Color printing is also available. 
  • Filters have been installed on the computers, however because of the way filters are configured, 100% accuracy is impossible. It is possible and probable that the filter will not block some sites that should be filtered and block other sites which should not be filtered. Parents can not rely on filters to prevent their children from seeing sites that they may deem inappropriate. Children should be supervised by a parent even when filters are in use. Patrons are asked to report instances in which they think the filter has failed to block objectionable sites, so that staff can take appropriate action.
  • Nothing can be downloaded or saved to the computers.
  • Computer users who do not follow the rules risk losing their public access computer user privileges.

To read the entire Public Access Computer Use Policy and Guidelines, go to the Policies & Guidelines Section.

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Displays & Exhibits

In an effort to make the libraries more reflective of the interests and needs of the public, display cases and bulletin boards will be made available to groups or individuals on a first come, first served basis. Teachers are encouraged to use the display areas for student work.

An application for use of the library display cases must be submitted in writing for approval prior to any exhibit being accepted for installation.

The content and acceptability of the exhibit must be approved by library management staff prior to the display.

Availability: Display space is available on a first come, first served basis.

Accommodations: The library will take reasonable care of exhibits, however the Library can not be held responsible for the security of the materials displayed. Nor can the Library be held responsible for any theft or damage to the whole or any part of the materials on display.

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Voter Registration

Jefferson County residents who are eligible may register to vote at any branch of the Jefferson County Library during regular business hours.

Please bring a valid form of photo identification with you when you come to the library to register to vote.  The photo identification does not have to list your current address for the purposes of registering to vote.

The Missouri Secretary of State's Office provides a printable absentee ballot request form along with all of the information needed to vote absentee if you are unable to visit your polling place on election day.
Guidelines for absentee voting in Missouri, legislative district maps, candidate information are just some of the election / voting information to be found here.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) administers and enforces the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) - the statute that governs the financing of federal elections.  This site covers information about campaigns, elections and voting.

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 Library Tours

Library Tours can be made for groups or individuals with advance reservations.  Tours are available at each branch, and are tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of each group.  Topics for tours include, but are not limited to, a general overview of library services, children's services, using the library's online resources or any other specific areas.

At Your Service

Our librarians can visit any school classroom within their district. They will speak to your class about such topics as Summer Reading Programs and Story Hours. With advance notice, they may also speak on topics of your choice.Library staff will also represent the library at open-houses and family literacy nights.

A member of our staff can visit your organization to discuss Library services and available materials. Past topics of discussion include Business Holdings, Genealogy Research and Parenting Holdings.

Community Partnerships
Members of the Jefferson County Library staff serve on various advisory boards and committees for local organizations.

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